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Air compressor


Double screw air compressor provides high quality compressed air.

Exhaust pressure covers 5bar-24bar, with displacement from 60 to 1500cfm.

Low cost of investment, cost-effective high.

Mainly used in municipal, factory, leasing, mining, water conservancy, transportation, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, military and other industries.

Main features

1. Main components are selected from top international brands with high reliability and safe and stable performance;

2. Innovative and efficient air path control system;

3. Folding oil core makes the oil content of compressed air lower than 3ppm;

4. Full-range alarm protection functions such as oil temperature, cooling liquid level and fuel level;

5. Double-layer air filtration system provides two-stage protection for the engine and compressor to extend the service life of oil and oil core;

6. Highly integrated modular structure, easy field installation and connection, which can be put into use quickly;

7. Optional fixed or mobile structure, diesel or electric drive type, applicable to different environments.


1Diesel Driven

2Motor Driven 



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Air compressor

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