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Gas Generator Set


Gas generator set, high-quality gas-fired power generation products. Natural gas, petroleum associated gas or liquefied petroleum gas are used as fuel to produce clean electricity through efficient engines and generators. The investment cost is low and the recovery period is short. Mainly used in hotels, guesthouses, hospitals, schools, restaurants, entertainment and other commercial areas, and oil mining and other industrial fields.

Main Features

1. Highly integrated modular structure, can be quickly installed and put into use;

2. The main components are the international top brands, with high reliability and stable performance;

3. The use of intelligent Internet of things control system;

4. The operation is flexible and convenient, realizes the remote monitoring and the unattended!

5. The flexible grid-connected technology, the optional isolated island or the grid-connected operation mode!

6. The unit can run continuously, can reach 8000 hours each year;

7. The operation and maintenance cost is low, Overhaul period up to 60000 hours;

8. Low emissions, green.


1Oil and Gas

2Liquefied Petroleum Gas

3Natural Gas 



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